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  • The San Martin was flagship of famous Armada Invencible (Invincible Fleet) under the command of the Duke of Medina Sidonia in 1588. San Martin sustained heavy damage in the battle of Gravelines by a group of English ships

  • Three-masted carrack. Length of the hull: approx. 35 m. Height from the top of the mast to the keel: approx. 30 m. Length 33.2"/ Height 24.8"/ Scale 1:54. 

  • Magallan's navy, consisting of 5 ships and a crew of 245 men, left Seville in 1519. It's goal was to reach the so called spice Islands (Moluku Islands). In 1522, The Nao Victoria was the only one to return to Seville out of the 5 ship convoy, only 18 men returned

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    AM1602 Length 36" / Height 6" / Scale 1:72 

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  • The cutter LE CERF was build after the plans of well known French ship designer Denys. The CERF was launched in March 2, 1779 in Saint-Malo dock-yard. Command of the ship was confided to ensign Varages.

  • An elegant model of a type of speedboat popular in the 30's and 40's. Still in demand today, gleaming runabouts like this plied virtually every fashionable waterway.

  • The Star was created in 1911 from lines drawn by William Gardner. Among monotype ships this one had appropriate measurements and ideal proportions. The most famous of helmsmen took a liking to the yacht and thus made it popular all over the world

  • The 44 foot Coast Guard is a very seaworthy lifeboat designed to carry out search and rescue assignments in poor weather and water conditions. With a skilled and experienced crew, this vessel can carry out the most demanding of rescue operations.

  • Bluenose, a 285 ton schooner, is the fantastic winner of the 1921 "International Fisherman's Trophy". This regatta was held, alternate year, off Lunenberg in Nova Scotia and Gloucester in New England.

  • The lugger was a kind of ship used by the French pirates of the Revolution and of the Empire. It is a type of ship equipped as a "bragozzo", with 3 masts, a very long bowsprit, several jibs, topsails and some foretopsails.

  • Built in Bath, Maine, the Seguin spent her first 20 years towing wooden sailing vessels up and down the Kennebec River and towing cargo barges along the Atlantic coast, from Maine to Virginia.In the early 1900s

  • The Rayo was an 80 guns ship of the line of the Spanish Navy from the mid-18th century to early 19th centuty. It was built in Havana, and ran aground in a storm in the Battle of Trafalgar, as a consequence it got wrecked.

  • Built in 1931, the St. Canute sailed for many years as a tugboat and icebreaker in the Odense Harbor under its original name of St. Kund.

  • Santa Maria. The Columbus Flagship 1492 -761

  • Santa Maria 775 Scale 1:50 Length 780mm

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