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  • Friesland was a second rank vessel with 80 guns built around 1663, part of the great fleet of the United Provinces of Holland, consisting of 1700 units.

  • The first rank vessel H .M .S .Victory, with 104 guns, was launched at Chatham in 1765. It was in service for a long time under the command of famous admirals. Its name was indissolubly tied to Nelson's in the battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

  • This cabin cruiser fishing boat is the most elaborate of all the "Gozzi" designs while preserving all of the original functions of great fishing boats. The cabin offers greater comfort for extended voyages.

  • U.S.S. Constitution, American frigate with 54 guns, was launched on 21st of October 1797. It had bigger dimensions, sails and equipment than the contemporary ships of the same class. Its strong construction earned ita's the name of "Old Ironsides".

  • Stormy Weather was an American schooner built in the twenties of the twentieth century. He participated in several regattas, including in Europe.

  • The ship of the great navigator Christopher Columbus who in 1492 discovered the New World - Class: Caravel - A type of swift ship with a light hull, with 3 masts, 2 square sails and a lateen one.

  • The galleon Roter Lowe was built in the Netherlands in the 1597 and was bought in 1601 by the Council of Knigsberg on account of the Elector of Brandenburg. It was in service as a vedette-boat n Pillau from 1602 to 1605 under captain Peter Hintze's command.

  • The clipper appears in the U.S.A. about 1820. It is the last stage in the evolution of the sailing ship and it satisfied the demand of the American merchant class, who has realized that the future of trade is on the sea.

  • Built in 1796, the English Brig "Portsmouth" was a typical example of a commercial unit adapted for private ring activity and legalized it with the so-called "mark-letters" or "reprisal-letters" granted to anyone who was able, privately, to arm a vessel and to recruit a crew

  • Three-masted carrack. Length of the hull: approx. 35 m. Height from the top of the mast to the keel: approx. 30 m. Length 33.2"/ Height 24.8"/ Scale 1:54. 

  • Born as packet-boat, Halifax was purchased in17658 by the Royal Navy and transformed at Portsmouth into a typical colonial schooner of the time.

  • The Yacht Mary was built in the Netherlands and was presented to Prince Charles Stuard by the town o

  • The Star was created in 1911 from lines drawn by William Gardner. Among monotype ships this one had appropriate measurements and ideal proportions. The most famous of helmsmen took a liking to the yacht and thus made it popular all over the world

  • The lugger was a kind of ship used by the French pirates of the Revolution and of the Empire. It is a type of ship equipped as a "bragozzo", with 3 masts, a very long bowsprit, several jibs, topsails and some foretopsails.

  • HMS Vailant was a double mast Brigantine equipped by twelve cannons. It was a part of a small fleet operating in the northern american coast to oppose French and Spanish shipping courses towards Europe.

Showing 1 - 15 of 75 items