Preac Tool co. has developed a miniature X -Y Table for use on its Micro-Precision Drill Press, or any other small drill press. the Preac X - Y Table will precisely locate work on 2 axis at 90 degrees to each other, for any 2 axis pattern (hex, square, a ring of holes on a pitch circle, etc.) and for light milling of intricate shapes in wood, metal and plastic. The travel of the slides is 3 1/2" in the X axis and 2 1/2" in the Y axis. The dials for movement of the table are graduated in 0.001 of an inch. One revolution of the dial moves the table 0.050". The unit is constructed of aluminum with a hard anodized finish for protection and wear resistance. Holes are provided to attach it to a drill press table and to attach fixtures or a vise to the Table top. A sub-base is available to clamp the Table to larger drill presses. We also offer a small Vise to mount on the Table for holding the workpiece. The Vise can be supplied with a tilting base that will tilt to 90 degrees. The Vise has removable jaws which can be machined for holding special parts. A Vee jaw is available for holding round parts, there are also step jaws and parallels to support thin parts. A 2" rotary Table can be mounted on the X Y Table for creating round patterns or mounted on our angle plate so it can be used as a dividing head. The entire X - Y unit weighs about 2 pounds.


Shipping - Table plus extras.....$9.75

The link below is a full 3 dimensional line drawing of the X-Y Table components. It is large and scanned for highest resolution possible, so may take a couple of minutes to load.
Line Drawing

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