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MODEL SHIP Exact scale model of a nineteenth century cutter, used as coast guard and for night raids into enemy ports.
Kit contains precut deck and frames, triple walnut-lime wood planking, barrels and falconet in brass; oars and other parts in carved wood; bronze cast fittings.
Building plans and instruction book in five languages.

Intermediate level #MA748
Length 24 1/2" / Height 18" / Scale 1:17

model ships Price........$199.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set...............$20.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 8 bottles of Model Shipways Acrylic paints: 1ea. Primer, Black, Tallow, Bulwarks Red, White, True Blue, Bright Yellow Trim and Clear Protective Coat

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SHIP MODEL KITThe Amerigo Vespucci was built in the port of Stabia in 1931. The Italian government still uses her as a floating school for training military cadets.

Mantua's kit is designed from the plans of the original ship. Construction is double plank-on-bulkhead in limewood and walnut. All wooden parts are laser cut to assure a perfect fit. Thousands of custom designed brass, cast metal and walnut fittings are supplied for the life-like accuracy. Attention to detail is so exacting that each lifeboat and launch is a plank-on-frame kit by itself. Fifteen giant sheets of plans with a 32 page instruction book are included.

Advanced Level #MA741
Length 50" / Height 29" / Scale 1:84

model ships Price........$1149.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set...............$49.9923 BUYNOW

Includes 19 bottles of Model Shipways Acrylic paints: 4ea. Primer, White, 2ea. Black, 1ea. Light Gray, Dark Blue, Bulwarks Green, Deckhouse Cream, Umber, and 4ea. Clear Protective Coat

Pre-Sewn Sail Set #MA34020.....$89.9923BUYNOW

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BATTLE STATION Recreate the second gun deck of an 1815 British ship of the line with every detail intact. Kit features two 4" long machine turned brass cannon on walnut carriages. Fuse buckets, shot cartridges, plugs, mess tins, tables and benches, gun powder and water barrels - - even the ladles are all here. Most wooden parts are walnut. Others are pine, maple and beech, and all are laser cut. Fittings are cast metal and turned brass. Rigging line plus cloth and netting for the hammocks and nets are also included. Two sheets of plans and instruction book make this easy-to-build kit a delightful addition to any ship modeler's collection.

Entry level #MA740
length 10-1/4" / Width 9-3/4" / Height 7" / Scale 1:23

model ships Price........$189.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set...............$10.9923 BUYNOW

Includes 4 bottles of Model Shipways Acrylic paints: 1ea. Primer, Black, Bulwarks Red and Clear Protective Coast

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SHIP MODELThere are other Victory kits on the market, but none comes close in historical accuracy, abundance of detail and ease of assembly. Double plank-on-bulkhead construction features laser cut frames and keel, precision engineered for an exceptional fit. Limewood under-planking is covered by a layer of flexible walnut strips for a smooth and beautiful finish. Masts and yardarms, deadeyes, blocks and gun carriages are walnut. Each of the four life boats on the main deck is built according to traditional plank-on-frame techniques. Figurehead, bow and stern ornamentation are gilded cast metal. Stamped brass gun port frames and brass lanterns, silk screened flags and cotton rigging add lifelike detail. Kit includes 104 brass cannon and individual copper plates for the hull. Seven sheets of plans and a new, expanded instruction book take you through every phase of construction. If you want the best, most complete H.M.S. Victory model available anywhere, this is it.

NOTE: Mantua has replaced the photo-etched brass stern with beautifully detailed wood sections. This is great improvement to this kit, and we think you will agree it is the best one available.

Advanced Level.....#MA738
Length 51" / Height 40" / Scale 1:78

model ships Price........$699.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set...............$36.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 14 bottles of Model Shipways Acrylic paint: 2ea. Primer, Yellow Ochre, 1ea. Black, Iron Cannon Black, Umber, White, Gold, Bright Yellow Trim, Bulwarks Red, Dark Blue Trim, and 2ea. Clear Protective Coat

Pre-Sewn Sail Set #MA34025.....$119.9923BUYNOW

We highly recommended
The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships by C. Nepean Longridge. Illustrated by George F. Campbell ..............$69.95

(CLICK for the books section and a complete description.)

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Mantua Model welcomes you to a new dimension in modeling! Most of us concentrate on hull shape, rigging and the external details of the ship we're modeling. Mantua's kit invites us to travel back in time to observe life on the lower decks of the H.M.S. Victory. We see the crew sleeping in hammocks suspended above the cannon, or taking their meals by the dim light of the oil lamps. But we don't have to imagine how the ship was built or what it looked like below the main deck. Mantua's Bow Section is a faithful replica that follows original construction methods. The hull is double planked, then covered to the waterline with individual copper plates. All wooden parts are laser cut. Cannon and carronades are machine turned brass. Intricately detailed figurehead and other ornamentation are cast bronze. Additional items are fine hardwood fittings, three diameters of cotton rigging, and a wooden display cradle. Well drawn plans and good instructions ensure a beautiful and exciting model.

Intermediate level #MA746
Length 12 1/2" / Height 20' / Scale 1:78

model ships Price........$289.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set...............$20.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 8 bottles of Model Shipways Acrylic paints: 1ea. Primer, Black, Yellow Ochre, Bulwarks Red, True Blue, Umber, Gold and Clear Protective Coat

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The Royal Caroline was built at Bedford in 1749 as King George it's state yacht. She was one of the most sumptuously decorated vessels of all time. In constant use by the Royal Family until 1805, the Royal Caroline was dismantled in 1820.

This kit does justice to the royal vessel, recreating all the intricate ornamentation of the original. Double plank-on-bulkhead construction relies on laser cut wooden parts for precise fit. Kit contains the finest woods, such as high quality beech and African walnut. Five an six millimeter poplar keel and bulkheads ensure an exceptionally strong hull. Fittings are superb in a variety of pre-finished hardwoods, photo-etched brass and gilded cast metal. Seven sheets of plans and comprehensive instruction manual guide you to the completion of a model fit for a king.

(Note: When you click on the small image above to see more pictures of the Royal Caroline, you will be taken to a page with 7 pictures on it, more than probably any other model. It may take a little longer than most to load, but the various sharp clear views are worth it if you are interested in this model.)

Advanced level #MA750
Length 34" / Height 24" / Scale 1:47

model ships Price........$499.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set...............$28.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 11 bottles of Model Shipways Acrylic paint: 2ea. Primer, Tallow, 1ea. Black, White, True Blue, Gold, Deck Medium Gray, and 2ea. Clear Protective Coat

Pre-Sewn Sail Set #MA34024.......$79.9923BUYNOW

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SHIP MODEL KITBuilt by the King of Spain in 1690, the San Felipe was Spain's most majestic fighting ship.

Mantua's kit features double plank-on-bulkhead construction, using 5mm and 6mm poplar plywood for framing, plus basswood and African walnut for the two layers of planking. All frames, keel and internal hull parts are laser cut. Beechwood masts and yards range from 2mm to 12mm in diameter. Ornamentation consists of 2,783 pieces, including 110 machine turned brass cannon. One hundred-eighty-five sculpted solid bronze parts are cast in the lost wax method. Etched brass, copper and cast metal make up the balance of the metal fittings. Blocks and deadeyes are pre-finished walnut. Eight giant sheets of plans and step-by-step instructions allow you to create an accurate replica.

Advanced Level #MA747
Length 38" / Height 34" / Scale 1:75

model ships Price........$899.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set...............$27.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 10 bottles of Model Shipways Acrylic paint: 2ea. Primer, 1ea. Black, Tallow, White, True Blue, Bulwarks Red, Gold, and 2ea. Clear Protective Coat

Pre-Sewn Sail Set #MA34021.......$79.9923BUYNOW

We highly recommend
The Period Ship Handbook 3 by Keith Julier.........$34.95

(CLICK for the books section and a complete description.)

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s-ma737.JPG - 12783 Bytes

The Wasa of 1638 was the most ornately decorated vessel of her time. Mantua's kit also outshines all others in the quality and quantity of its ornamentation. Intricate bronze parts are cast one piece at a time in wax molds. You'll find 64 cannon, figurehead, lanterns and hundreds of other authentically detailed decorations.

Plank-on-bulkhead construction uses laser cut wooden parts for a perfect fit. Five and six millimeter plywood guarantees a sturdy hull. Double planking is done with individual limewood and walnut strips and eight diameters of walnut dowels provide the proper scale and size for masts and yards. Hardwood and brass fittings, silk flags, six diameters of cotton rigging and photo-etched brass nameplate are all supplied. Six double sided sheets of plans, instruction book and a large color poster (suitable for framing) assist in building your masterpiece - -a faithful replica of the original Wasa on view in the Stockholm Naval Museum.

MASTER Level #MA737
Length 46 1/2" / Scale 1:60

model ships Price........$1199.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set...............$19.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 7 bottles of Model Shipways Acrylic paint: 1ea. Primer, Black, Bulwarks Red, True Blue, Gold and 2ea. Clear Protective Coat

Pre-Sewn Sail Set #MA34027.......$79.9923BUYNOW

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