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The Laughing Whale was a small Maine-based ship model kit manufacturer that specialized in local small craft and historic ships with a New England connection. The company was acquired by BlueJacket Shipcrafters, Inc. in 1993. They have since put forth a major effort and upgraded the parts, fittings and instructions. All the Laughing Whale models are either plank on frames or plank on bulkhead construction. They now feature laser-cut parts, redrawn plans and updated instructions. We are confident they will satisfy your desire for a quality kit to build.
BlueJacket rates ease of construction of their kits through three experience levels, Ensign, Captain, and Admiral. They further divide these levels into thirds. The Ensign kits are fine for those with little or no experience, the Atlantic only for those most experienced modelers. When you click on one of the small pictures below you will be taken to large pictures of each model. At the top of these pictures you will see BlueJackets difficulty rating for that particular kit.




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america In 1851, this "low black schooner" was the only foreign entry to challenge the cream of British yachts and seamanship in a 53 mile race around the Isle of Wight. Studying her before the race, one English yachtsman remarked, "If she is right, all of us are wrong." They were. AMERICA romped in 18 minutes ahead of her nearest competitor and brought home the cup that still bears her name.
The Laughing Whale kit is plank-on-frame construction, designed as an Admiralty-style model with its mahogany ribs exposed, but they have provided enough wood to complete the planking if you wish. Also included are brass and Britannia metal fittings, rigging line, plus cloth to make sails.
Full size plans, an instruction booklet and a mahogany display stand are also included. This is a good kit for the modeler with some experience to learn planking skills.

Length 17" / Height 14 1/2" / Scale 1/8"=1'

model ships Price........$94.9523 BUYNOW

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bowdoin Built in East Boothbay, Maine, to Admiral Donald MacMillan's detailed specifications, BOWDOIN has made nearly 30 voyages to the often ice-jammed waters of the Arctic. Still sailing in northern waters under the auspices of the Maine Maritime Academy, the sturdy schooner is a registered National Historic Landmark.
The model was developed from blueprints, photos and measurements of the actual vessel. The kit features plank-on-bulkhead construction, with basswood planking and mahogany trim. Each of the two dories is a miniature built-up kit by itself. Many wood parts are laser-cut, and fittings of brass stainless steel and Britannia pewter are supplied, with more than enough planking material and rigging line to complete a fascinating model.
Revised instructions and redrawn plans make construction relatively easy, but the beginning modeler should be aware that planking a hull of this shape is tricky, time-consuming work. A Mahogany display stand is included

Length 22" / Scale 1/4"=1'

model ships Price........$194.9523 BUYNOW

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Friendship Sloop

friendship sloopIn the late 1800s, the declining coastal fishery forced Maine fishermen to the offshore Georges Banks...and they needed bigger, tougher boats than the small centerboard sloops they had been using. The winning combination of sail power and seaworthiness was found in the boats built in Friendship, Maine, and they are still popular today as small yachts.
The Laughing Whale FRIENDSHIP is a typical 1900 design and comes in two sizes; both kits are plank-on-bulkhead construction, with many laser -cut parts and all the other materials needed to build your own miniature replica. The large FRIENDSHIP makes a dramatic display. The small one is and excellent desktop model. Remember, in modeling, bigger is usually easier. Display cradle is included.

#LW115A Large
Length 31" / Scale 1"=1'

model ships Price........$149.9523 BUYNOW
#LW115B Small
Length 16" / Scale 1/2" = 1'

model ships Price.........$89.9523 BUYNOW

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Lobster Boat

lobster boatBuilt for working the unpredictable waters of the Gulf of Maine, along an unforgiving coast, the Maine LOBSTER BOAT with its high wave-cutting bow and long roomy cockpit is the seaworthy result of decades of design adjustments based on hard experience.
With powerful, souped-up engines, these boats can be surprisingly fast -- 40 knots is not unknown -- and the professional lobstermen take their annual lobster boat races very seriously.
The new kit, developed by professional modeler Peter Demarest, represents a typical working boat in its simplicity and absence of frills.
The kit includes many laser-cut basswood and plywood frames, deckhouse and cabin, basswood dowels and mahogany for planking and other parts, as well as brass rod and tubing, plastic window glazing and a selection of finely-detailed cast Britannia metal fittings.
Full size plans and complete detailed instructions are provided, as are materials and plans for lobster traps, buoys, a bait tank and a lobster storage box. parts for a display cradle are included.

Length 21 1/2" / Scale 3/4"=1'

model ships Price........$109.9523 BUYNOW

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New Bedford Whale Boat
smackNew Bedford boat builders were responsible for developing a nearly perfect design for a light, seaworthy, cpacious boat to be used in the open ocean for the dangerous business of whalihg. After the sinking of the whaleship ESSEX, some of her crew survived for 3 months, traveling several thousand miles, in whaleboats. Melville's "Moby Dick" provides us with one of the best descriptions of these famous vessels. This kit has been newly revised, utilizing many laser cut wood parts. The resulting model is one of the most delicate, historically accurate representaions of a whale boat.

Length 10" / Scale 1/3"

model ships Price........$81.9523 BUYNOW

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Mahogany Runabout

runaboutAn elegant model of a type of speedboat popular in the 30's and 40's. Still in demand today, gleaming runabouts like this plied virtually every fashionable waterway.

The Laughing Whale model reproduces even the construction methods used, with diagonal structural planking topped with varnished mahogany horizontal planking and is as impressive as a display model as it is throwing up a rooster tail wake o a placid pond.
A detailed instruction book with suggestions for the R/C layout, makes it easy to cruise your own waterway.The kit includes everything you need to build this beautiful boat. Laser-cut frames and deck parts, brass and cast pewter fittings,, cast resin upholstered seats, lexan windshields, bright paper flags, even dashboard dials and display cradle are included.

Length 30" / Scale 1"=1'

model ships Price........$287.9523 BUYNOW

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model shipThis is an accurate model of the personal boat of the owners of BlueJacket Shipcrafters. Fast, fun and agile among the rocky islands of Penobscot Bay, SCOOTER has become a familiar summer sight in the busy harbor of Camden, Maine. Brought back to as-new condition, she won First Prize for power boat restoration at the 1995 Wooden Boat Show in Southwest Harbor.
The kit contains everything you need to build her for yourself: laser-cut plywood keel and frames, basswood sub-planking, rich mahogany planking for the finished deck and hull, cloth seat upholstery, specially designed cast Britannia fittings, dry transfer lettering and flags. Four sheets of full size plans and an illustrated instruction booklet are included

Length 17" / Scale 1"=1'

model ships Price........$229.9523 BUYNOW

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Mary TaylorBuilt in Bath, Maine, the SEGUIN spent her first 20 years towing wooden sailing vessels up and down the Kennebec River and towing cargo barges along the Atlantic coast, from Maine to Virginia.
In the early 1900s, she became a New York harbor tug, finally returning to an active career in Maine until retiring in 1967. During restoration by the Maine Maritime Museum, her hull was found to be hopelessly rotted, and, with deep regret, the museum scrapped her.
The kit was developed from plans, photos and the actual vessel. It features many laser-cut parts, including the complex paneling of the deckhouses, and is complete with all fittings, rigging line and other materials. While small for the purpose, the kit was designed to be adaptable to steam or electric power and radio control. The baseboard is not included.

Length 26" / Height 18" / Scale 1/4"=1'

model ships Price........$214.9523 BUYNOW

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Mary TaylorAn incredible sailing feat -- in 1895, the down-on-his-luck seafarer Captain Joshua Slocum sailed around the world alone in his rebuilt 100 year old oyster smack SPRAY. It took him three years, and the book he wrote about his adventures is a classic. Thirty-nine feet long and originally built as a sloop, SPRAY was re-rigged en route as a yawl for easier single handed sailing.
The kit is complete and includes easy-to-follow instructions, full size plans, rigging line, sailcloth, and finely-cast Britannia pewter fittings, with all necessary wood for planking, deckhouses and spars. Many parts are laser-cut for accuracy and ease of construction. Display cradle included.
Due to the complexity of the hull shape and the extra thick planking, we recommend this kit for only those modelers who feel comfortable with plank-on-frame construction.

Length 25" / Height 19" / Scale 3/8"=1'

model ships Price........$124.9523 BUYNOW

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