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Note: We add clear protective coat to all paint sets. This will help protect your finished kit, and enough is included to cover all exposed surfaces, masts, fittings, etc. We still recommend displaying your kit in an enclosed display case. All cases are custom made. Click here for more info. You will also find base boards and pedestals there. They are not included in kits unless so noted in the descriptions below.




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model shipbuilding

Shrimp fishing cutters first appeared in 1898, and were virtually restricted in the North Sea. Ten years later they began to be fitted with 8-10 hp motors and were usually about 10 meters in length.

The Bremen Krabben Kutter was built in 1953 in a small, unknown, boatyard on the German coast.

Kit features traditional plank-on-bulkhead construction. Wooden parts including the keel section and frames are pre-cut and ready for assembly. Anchor chains, eye-bolts, belaying pins and rudder hinges are all made of brass, as are the pin nails you'll use to fasten the planking. Also included are all rigging and net and acessories.


Intermediate Level Kit #AL20145
Length: 15.7" / Height / 12.9" width / 4.4" Scale: 1:35

model ships ....... $99.9923 BUYNOW

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s-al20810a.jpg - 9076 Bytes This kit is a fully finished planked model on one side, and a cut-away view on the other showing all decks, structural and internal details on the other.
Keel, bulkheads and other wooden parts are pre-cut. the finished side of the hull is single planked in walnut and limewood. An elaborate fittings set is complete with everything needed to outfit your model. Metal pieces include brass wire, chain, jackstay eyebolts, belaying pins, backing links, rings, cast metal figurehead and photo-etched brass ornamentation. Armament consists of four brass cannons an 10 swivel guns. Laser cut grating, deadeyes and blocks come in a variety of hard woods. Interior details include lower decks, ladders, buckets barrels and more. You'll assemble the two ships boats using the bread and butter method before installing the frames and floor boards. A full complement of sails are pre-sewn and ready for mounting. Four diameters of rigging and silk screened flag are also included. Remarkably detailed plans on four large sheets and clearly written instructions accompanied by a 32 page book of color photographs show every phase of construction.

Intermediate level #AL20810
Length 38 19/32" / Beam 13 31/32 / Height 30 1/32" / Scale 1:48

model ships ....... $379.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set.........$31.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 8 bottles, 1ea. Primer, Black, Pale Yellow Trim, Medium Blue Trim, Spanish Brown, White, and 2ea. Clear .

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s-al19004.JPG - 7883 Bytes H.M.S. BOUNTY LAUNCH. Fletcher Christian and his mutineers forced Captain Bligh and 18 of his supporters into one of the three launches aboard the H.M.S. Bounty. Forty days and 3,600 miles later, the men reached the safety of Timor.

Artesania Latina’s kit features simplified plank-on-frame construction. All wooden parts, including individual hull strakes are pre-cut. Hardwood and brass fittings, pre-sewn sails, display cradle, plans and assembly instructions are all included. The Launch is an impressive model on its own, and a worthy companion piece the H.M.S. Bounty.


Entry Level #AL19004
Length 16-1/3” / Height 14-1/4 ”/ Scale 1:25

model ships ......... $63.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set.........$19.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 5 bottles, 1 each Primer, White, Black, Bulwarks Brown, Clear

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ship model

The H.M.S. Endeavour's Longboat was launched in 1765 and was acquired three years later by the British Admiralty and prepared for a three year voyage under the command of the famous Captain James Cook.

Latina's kit includes: Endeavour's Longboat kit with pre-sewn sails, all fittings and rigging, all deck planking, hull, masts, bowsprit, three rolls of rigging thread, flag, All-wood construction features African walnut, ramin, sapele, coral, plywood and boxwood, brass hardware such as eyebolts, deck lights, rings, and more Three colors of thread, brown and raw (pale green) for different rigging applications and an excelletnt photo-illustrated instruction book and plans.

Intermediate Level #AL19015
Length: 16.53" , Height: 10.6" , Beam: 3.53" , Scale 1:50

model ships ....... $59.9523 BUYNOW

Paint Set.........$11.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 3 bottles, 1ea.Black, Primer, and Clear Protective Coat

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ship modelClick on the small picture to the left to see the real ship at anchor in San Diego, California, plus detailed pictures of the completed model.

Built at Le Havre in 1794 as a 24 8Lb long gun French corvette, and named L'Unitie, she was captured in 1796 by the British and renamed H.M.S. Surprise. She was rearmed and classified as a sixth rate frigate.

She is the ship that inspired the Aubrey-Maturin series of novels by Patrick OBrian and was featured in the 2003 film Master And Commander.

Artesania Latina's kit features plank-on-bulkhead construction. All necessary fittings, excellent instructions with a detailed photo illustrated instruction manual.

This is without a doubt, the finest kit to come out in a long time. Pre-sewn sails, baseboard, name plate and mounting pedestals are also included.

Advanced level kit #AL22910
Length 52 3/4" / Height 37 7/16" / Width 18 7/8" /Scale 1:48 /This is a large kit. Weight is 31lbs.

model ships SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE ....... $699.9923 BUYNOW

Basic Paint Set.........$19.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 5 bottles, 1ea.Black, Primer, Medium Blue Trim and 2ea.Clear

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ship modelThe first class ship H.M.S. Victory was launched on May 7, 1765. It played an important part in the English fleet from 1778 to 1812, and built its reputation in the important battles at Ushant (1781) and San Vicente (1797). But it was October 21, 1805 at the Cape of Trafalgar where, under the command of Admiral Nelson, this fabulous ship brought victory to the English fleet over the Spanish French armada. The battle of Trafalgar, whose bicentenary will be October 21, 2005, marked the climax and supremacy of the Royal Navy when H.M.S. Victory made history. As a museum since 1992, the Victory can be seen and admired in the Royal Navy port in Portsmouth. (England)

This is without a doubt one of the finest models of the H.M.S. Victory. You will find that the instructions are unsurpassed. It is plank-on-bulkead construction and includes pre-sewn sails and baseboard.

Advanced level #AL22900
Length: 48-13/32” / Height: 32-15/32” / Beam: 17-22/32” / Scale: 1:84

model ships Price........$699.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set...............$51.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 13 bottles of Model Shipways Acrylic paint: 2ea. Primer, Yellow Ochre, 1ea. Black, Iron Cannon Black, Umber, White, Gold, Bright Yellow Trim, Bulwarks Red, Dark Blue Trim, and 1ea. Clear Protective Coat

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ship model This is the 1/25 scale Providence New England's Whale Boat. This Whaler is the boat that withstood the rough seas fighting a whale in the classic story of Moby Dick.

Features: Various types of wood for authentic appearance. Different weight and color thread for rigging. Precut and sewn cloth sails for authentic appearance

Includes: One Latina Providence New England's Whale Boat Wooden Model Kit with all wooden battens, frames, bow and stern strengtheners, pre-sewn , cloth sails, metal fittings and instruction manual in color.

Intermediate Level #AL19018
Length 12.2", Height: 9.4", Beam 3", Scale: 1/25

model ships Price........$69.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set.........$19.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 5 bottles: 1ea. Primer, White, Black, Red and Clear Protective Coat.

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MODEL SHIP Riverboats were jacks of all trades. They served as the lifeline for cotton and inland trade, towed barges and ferried railroad trains across the river. As passenger boats, they helped to shrink the vastness of America, and as showboats, they made that vastness a little less lonely.

Artesania Latina has improved this popular plank-on-bulkhead kit for easier assembly. Molded wooden pieces are now included for the bow and stern sections, so you can shape them with accuracy. Pre-cut ribs and hardwood parts are included for hull, deck and super-structure construction. Fittings include brass decorations, ship's bell, steering wheel, handrails and chain. Windows, doors, chimney heads and paddle wheels are cast metal. Galvanized wire, brass cables and cotton rigging are all provided along with brass pin nails. Illustrated instruction book makes building easy.

NOTE: This is a new improved version of Artesania Latina's kit. The model varies a little from the photograph. For example, there is one walkway at the bow instead of two. This is a more detailed model than the one pictured. We are sure you will be happy with it.

Intermediate level kit #AL20505
Length 27" / Height 10" / Scale 1:50

model ships ....... $189.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set.........$35.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 9 bottles including 1ea. Primer, White, Black, Deck Medium Gray, Bright Red Trim, MS4828 Iron Cannon Black, Light Gold and 2ea. MS4972 Clear

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model shipMare Nostrum is a typical Mediterranean trawler and was built at Arenys de Mar, near Barcelona. Her name simply means Our Sea and she's been the pride of the Mediterranean since the birth of the Diesel engine.

This is a very good kit for the beginner. Pre-cut wooden parts, ready-to-use fittings, detailed plans and step-by-step instructions make assembly an easy project. She's planked in flexible limewood and beautiful walnut. Deck furniture and cabin walls are African walnut. Fittings are machine turned brass, except for the cast metal winch and propeller.

Entry Level Kit #AL20100
Length 16-1/2" / Height 10-1/2" / Scale 1:35

model ships ......... $89.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set.........$27.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 7 bottles, 1ea. Primer, White, Black, True Blue, Bright Green Trim, Bright Red Trim and Clear

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model ship In 1620 the English galleon Mayflower set out from the port of Southampton with 102 pilgrims on board. Because of bad weather, the crossing took 77 days. On December 21 the ship landed at what is today Plymouth, Massachusetts. She was destroyed on her return trip to England in 1624.

Artesania Latina has built a reputation on high quality kits supported by detailed plans and easy-to-follow instructions that show every step of the construction process. The new Mayflower is no exception. It features double plank-on-frame construction in limewood and walnut. All wooden parts are pre-cut for your convenience, and the fittings package includes everything you need for outfitting your model. Blocks, deadeyes, anchor stock and other wooden fittings are pre-finished and ready to use. Metal parts include brass eyebolts, bell and chain and much more. Six turned brass cannon sit on wooden carriages. Lifeboat is complete with deck and rudder. Several diameters of rigging line, and silk-screened flags assure a realistic model. Now with pre-sewn sails.

Intermediate level..#AL22451
Length 23-1/2"/Height 19-1/2"/Scale 1:64

model ships ....... $139.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set.........$19.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 5 bottles , 1 each Primer, White, Black, Deck House Light Buff and Clear

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ship model Tuna fishing requires boats that are fast, steady and seaworthy. As part of the French fishing fleet, Marie Jeanne sailed from Concarneau between 1900 and 1950. She worked between June and October, staying at sea as long as two months at a time. She carried a 12 man crew, lots of sail and 20-25 tons of ballast.

Artesania Latina's double plank-on-bulkhead kit is complete with everything you need to build a realistically detailed replica. All wooden parts are pre-cut. Fittings package includes ready-to-use hardwood, brass and copper pieces. Rigging, sailcloth, flag, detailed plans and illustrated instructions are also provided.

Entry level #AL20170
Length 22-1/2 inches / Height 19-1/2 inches / Scale 1:50 Mfg.

model ships ......... $89.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set.........$27.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 7 bottles 2ea. Primer, 1ea. White, Black, True Blue, Spanish Brown, Clear

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s-al22453.jpg - 0 Bytes This is the Latina 1:90 Scale San Francisco II Spanish Galeon S. XV kit. The most fearsome ships of the Spanish Armada were her galleons, sailing ships that first appeared in the middle of the 16th century and which were, for a hundred and fifty years, the warships par excellence. The San Francisco II was one of the most outstanding of its age.

The kid features Hand sewn main, top, stay and fore sails. All-wood construction features African Walnut, Mukali, Mahogany, Manzonia, Ramin, Apple-Wood plywood and boxwood. Brass hardware such as blocks, eyebolts, fore-sheet bars, pinrack and much more. Four colors of thread, brown and raw (pale green) for different rigging applications.

Includes, pre sewn sails, all fittings and rigging, all deck planking, hull planking,masts bowsprit, ten rolls of rigging thread, flag, and photo-illustrated instruction sheet and plans.

Intermediat levelAK22453
Length: 26-3/4" / Height: 20-7/16" / Beam: 9-7/16" / Scale: 1:90

model ships ........ $169.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set...........$19.4923 BUYNOW

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model shipsss

Built in 1865, this 2700 ton Spanish galleon fought in the Battle of Trafalgar. Carrying 74 guns, she was one of the 15 French and Spanish ships battered into surrender as Lord Admiral Nelson lay wounded on the deck of the H.M.S. Victory.

Artesania Latina's elaborate kit features plank-on-bulkhead construction with pre-cut plywood frames and keel. Individual walnut planking strips cover the hull. Molded formers assure proper bow and stern shape. Ready-to-use fittings are plentiful in a variety of fine hardwoods, bronzed cast metal, white metal, and brass. Pre-printed flags, cotton sail material, and several diameters of standing and running rigging are all included. Three sheets of detailed plans and pictorial instruction book make building a pleasure.




Intermediate Level #AL22860
Length 37 3/4" / Height 29 1/2" / Scale 1:90

model ships ....... $329.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set.........$43.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 11 bottles, 2ea. Primer, 1ea. Deck House Light Buff, Black, White, Pale Yellow, Spanish Brown, Deck House Cream, Light Gold, and 2ea. Clear

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TUGBOATA late 19th century to early 20th century sea-going tug, the Sanson was designed to push trans-Atlantic giants. Her steam engine produced up to 2,000 HP, allowing her to reach speeds of up to 14 knots.
Artesania Latina's kit features pre-cut frames,double planking in limewood and walnut, and lots of life-like fittings to outfit your model just like the real tug. Individual strips for deck and cabin planking, pre-carved life boats, clear acetate windows, wooden capstan, three-bladed propeller and cotton rigging for halyards, shrouds and lashing lines are supplied. Other details include brass wire, chain, pulleys, drums, winches, lights and turnbuckles, white metal ladders, hoses, anchors, davits, bits, cog and gear wheels. Full sized plans, easy instructions with coordinating color photos allow trouble-free assembly.

Intermediate Level #AL20415

Length 23-3/4"/Height 13-3/4"/Scale 1:50

model ships ....... $155.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set.........$31.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 8 bottles 1ea. Primer, Black, MS4831 White, Dark Buff, Bright Red Trim, Bright Green Trim, gray and Clear.

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s-al20110.jpg - 6429 Bytes This early 19th century Virginia pilot boat was the predecessor of the famous "Baltimore Boats". this original type was extensively used by the British Consul to carry dispatches, and was later formally taken into the British Navy.

Artesania Latina's kit features pre-cut plywood keel section and frames and double planked hull. NOW WITH PRE-SEWN SAILS! Eyelets, bracers, belaying pins and cabin door hinges are brass. Accurate plans and pictorial instructions make building easy.



Entry level #AL20110
Length 21" / Height 18" / Scale 1:50

model ships .......... $99.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set.........$15.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 4 bottles, Primer, White, Iron Cannon Black and Clear


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It is difficult to encounter in the history of sailing vessels a ship with so many diverse activities during her active life as the American Frigate U.S. CONSTELLATION. In fact she started her active life in 1798 and was withdrawn from sevice in 1955. Her missions were various. She seized numerous ships, and defended the Hawaii Islands against annexation by the British in 1845 and 1849. She was also the first US warship to visit China in 1842 and was assigned as a school ship in 1871. Today she brings back glorious memories to tens of thousands of tourists who visit her each year in Baltimore. If she could talk, she could tell us a great deal of American History.

Artesania Latina's kit is double plank-on-bulkhead. It features brass hardware such as eyebolts, stanchions, rings, hinges and more. A highly detailed brass bow (figurehead) and stern parts are also inlcuded.

The kit includes all hull planking strakes, masts, bowsprit, 10 spools of rigging thread and all other necessary details. Pre-sewn sails ready for rigging are also included along with excellent plans and detailed instruction.

Intermediate Level #AL22850
Length: 40-3/4" / Height: 27-15/16" / Beam: 6-1/32" / Scale: 1:85

model ships .......... $299.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set...........$23.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 6 bottles, Primer, White, Black, Bulwarks Red and 2 Clear

Link to Constellation Museum

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s-al20110.jpg - 6429 BytesThis is an easy kit for beginners. This is a replica of one of the famous 10th century Viking longboats of Gokstad, which was both manned by oars and porpelled by sail.

Artesania's kit features die-cut formed planks for the main hull planking which makes construction much easier. Pre-sewn sail and anchor stand along with a brass name plate are included.

Instructions are numbered and refer to accompanying photo manual.

Entry Level..#AL19001
Length 11-1/2" / Height 10-3/4" / Beam 3-1/8" / Scale 1:75

model ships ........ $69.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set..........$3.6923 BUYNOW

Includes 1 bottle, Clear Protective Coat.

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